DomusLift S - Small

The S series allows the installation of domuslift even in the narrowest shafts.

The minimum car dimensions guarantee enough space for a trouble free movement. An elegant and refined solution, thanks to seamless single panel walls without aluminium profile, a wide range of finishes (plastic, painted and stainless steel laminate) and the same accessories as the standard model.

New quality of life with an elevator, the car size of which – 580?550 mm! Now it is possible! Even if you do not have a lot of space, movement of the lift can be made extremely convenient for each family member. Seniors, disabled people, young children can move inside the high-rise mansion, cottage, shop all by themselves and without risk. The Italian company IGV made sure the DomusLift S (Small) to be safe, stylish, glide and equipped up-to-date.


Model key benefits:

  • elegance
  • different elaboration options according to customer’s choice
  • possibility to choose and order the necessary options
  • operation from usual power supply; power consumption comparable to the consumption of a small household device


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