IGV Lifting Equipment

Reallift Company the dealer of the worldwide famous Italian IGV factory in Russia offers the highest quality lifting equipment to its customers.

IGV factory, one of the largest in Europe, has long been a recognized trendsetter in the production of electric and hydraulic elevators.

Thanks to nearly semicentennial activity of the factory, multitude achievements, a wide model range, exclusive design and perfect quality of IGV elevators, the products of the Group have become well-known and favored around the world.

IGV lifting equipment is remarkable for its absolute reliability, excellent energy efficiency indicators and a high level of comfort during the use.

In the production of IGV cottage lifts the most advanced technical, design-engineering and technological solutions along with the newest and the most secure materials from the standpoint of environment are used.

It is through the reliability, ease of use and unrivaled Italian design the elevators of Reset, DomusLift SuperDomus, MRL Lifts series of IGV brand are very popular in many countries around the world and successfully compete with well-known manufacturers of lifting equipment.

Due to the presence of electric and hydraulic modifications, a wide range of elevator car sizes, a large variety of design solutions for the decoration and the widest range of service functions, IGV elevators can be installed in private residences, cottages, apartments, town houses, office buildings, shopping centers, shops and supermarkets.

Truly impeccable reputation of IGV Group will become a reliable guarantee of impeccable operation of the elevator for many years to come.

Reallift IGV dealer in the Russian Fedetation

Reallift Company is the dealer of IGV factory in Russia, therefore the installation of IGV elevator in your private house, cottage, office or shop is easy now!

We have all the necessary resources to supply IGV lifting equipment to any place in the Russian Federation!

Our experts carry out maintenance of the entire delivery process, starting from the lift production at the factory in Milan to its installation on an estate object! Having entrusted us to install an IGV elevator, you will not have to worry about the progress of work and the final result!

Reallift Company carries out operational control over all stages of the project: from the moment of receipt of the customers request to completion of elevator equipment installation and service maintenance.

It is very important that the Reallift Company is specialized in supplies to the Russian Federation of elevator equipment, produced exclusively by the Italian IGV.

We do not supply the elevators produced at the other factories, thanks to it our staff have a perfect understanding of IGV product range and are ready to provide high quality consulting services in the selection of a particular model in full compliance with all customer requirements.

We always precisely and timely perform our obligations in front of each customer.

Addressing to the Reallift Company, you will get guaranteed and exhaustive information on any matter relating to the production of IGV lifting equipment.

Reallift Company is doing its best in order the world-famous Italian IGV lifting equipment to be available in Russia! If you want to have a stylish, high-quality and reliable lift from IGV please contact the professionals. Dealer of IGV factory in Russia- REALLIFT Company is always ready to help you in this matter.

6 reasons to buy IGV elevator from REALLIFT company.

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