About Reallift

Reallift Company russian representative of IGV Italian manufacturer of lifts.

Our products are designed for successful solid people who can afford to live in mansions, multi-storey cottages, villas; who wish for improving of life quality and comfort of their apartments by using smart systems and advanced electronic devices.

Our customers appreciate the innovative design, functional high-tech systems. In Russia this stratum of successful people was formed long ago. The time when our people did not take a taxi have passed, our people can afford more than just a taxi.

Our mission

Reallift Company is a team of professionals representing Italian elevators of IGV brand in the Russian market, that enable people to live better, more convenient and more comfortable.

We are constantly improving in order to comply with the requirements of successful progressive consumer. We are grateful to our customers for allowing us to realize our ambitions. Reallift and IGV. cooperation feature work for the people and their comfort.

We focus on a person

The products that our company represents in the Russian market elevators, lifting equipment, home lifts, which allow to carry out a safe and comfortable vertical movement in private homes, multi-level apartments, penthouses, cottages, shops, offices.

Elevators of the European manufacturer make vertical movement available for children, elderly and disabled people. Safety, ergonomics, aesthetics, ultra-modern filling of equipment of different modifications and sizes is an attractive feature of our lifts.

We as a dealer of the Italian company build our activity in one mode together with the manufacturer and put forward interests of our customers on the first place. A person and his needs determine scientific and practical company researches and dictate us the style and work procedure. That is, its the customers who choose optional lift decoration out of numerous proposed options.

The life of people living in multi-level homes is picked up to a new level with using of lifts and elevators in the private housing construction. Theres no need to install stairways or spiral staircases. All our elevators have versatile unmatched design, they fit into any building and can be installed without complex construction works. To have a lift at the cottage or a private house is not only convenient, but also prestigious.

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