Installation of lifting equipment

Before and after

For the whole period of companys activity we have installed IGV elevator equipment on hundreds of facilities: shopping and office centers, country cottages, prestigious new buildings, hospitals and hotels. The customers who bought the elevator from us, often state that the result exceeded all their expectations. We carry out the installation of lifting equipment quickly, professionally, without excessive noise and dust, and the Italian manufacturer guarantees the highest quality of the end-products.



Perfection in details

Due to the exact calculation of technical aspects and subtleties, the installation of the elevator lasts from 3 to 15 days. Designing, preparation of the shaft, installation of equipment and a car - the technology has been developed over years of hard work; every worker knows his job perfectly. Starting from the manufacture of elevator equipment at the factory, ending with its installation, we pay attention to every detail and try to make our work ideal.

We are confident that our technicians will cope with the installation of equipment even in the most difficult conditions for us. Upon completion of the work, it will look like if the elevator was installed together with the construction of the building. Each photo is our business card, which demonstrates how professionally and neatly we carry out the installation: an outsider will not even guess about the amount of performed work.

Various options for the installation implementation, a wide range of materials for the car manufacture, decorative design, built-in elements and additional options - all this makes a perfect design, considered to the smallest detail, able to satisfy any customer desire. The process is developed so well that in a few days a beautiful and elegant structure appears out of an empty space.



House without borders

So far, every modern man strives for excellence in everything, including the movement. The elevator in the house is not only a symbol of comfort and convenience, but also a necessity for the elderly and people with disabilities. Moving between floors ceases to be a problem. Safety and reliability is in the priority, and only after that - aesthetics. All mechanisms work as a clock, and in emergency situations, an unhindered exit from the car is guaranteed.

Even in two-three-story houses, the elevator equipment perfectly complement the staircase. A wide range of models and the ability to make structures of almost any size allows you to install the lift on any staircase. The execution accuracy and the impeccable quality of our work will allow you to enjoy comfortable moving for a long time.



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