To hold the call button or not?

Lately the customers who are interested in IGV products often ask us this question, because they heard, read or saw with their own eyes somewhere that the elevator rides up / down only when the call button is being pushed. That is, if it is unbraced, the lift stops immediately even before reaching the nearest floor. We hasten to reassure you: to hold the call button or not is up to you, because it is only an optional function that is set on-site, right during installation, by moving only one contact on the DML board.


This option was specifically designed for extra safety of people with disabilities, in order the lift could stop immediately, for example, if a wheelchair shifted during the car movement. Therefore, in ordering an elevator or maintenance of the installed model you always have an option to choose a control method suitable for you!


We wish you a safe and comfortable use of your lift.


Sincerely, Reallift Group

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