Lift for a country house


Lift in a country house: necessity or luxury?

A human being always strived to create the most comfortable conditions for life. Installing an elevator in a country house is the solution of a problem how to move from floor to floor, additional amenities for all family members, especially for the elderly, and the vital need for people with disabilities.

Such comfort attribute ceased to be a rarity even in the two-story mansions, and is considered to be necessary in the design of four-storey buildings.


What lift in a country house should be like?

When choosing an elevator for a country house you should consider the following criteria:

  • - the purpose of the lift (for transportation of people or freight);
  • - load capacity and dimensions of the car and the elevator shaft;
  • - location – inside or outside (adjacent option);
  • - the speed of the car;
  • - the noise level;
  • - design and decoration material.

Installation of a personal lift must be foreseen in advance, even at the planning stage, in order to take into account the dimensions of the shaft, configuration features of the elevator, its design and other peculiarities. Installation of the lift into a country house also can be possible during home maintenance process, but then it will be necessary to carry out major construction works and activities for the redevelopment of premises in the section where the shaft is going to be located.


Elevators for a country house: the types and characteristics

There are several varieties of compact lifting equipment for private houses that have their own particular structure and operation features.

All elevators for a country house can be divided into two types:

  • - hydraulically driven – have virtually silent operation and smooth movement, low power consumption;
  • - electrically driven – move very fast and have more rise capacity.

Both hoists have a high level of comfort, reliability and safety, however power driven elevator for a country house will be a bit more expensive than hydraulic one.

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