Landing and car pushbutton panels SuperFlat


IGV has conceived a range of components for new installations and suitable for the modernisation of existing lifts according to the EN81-80 standard.


Landing pushbutton panels

The surface mounted pushbutton panels, with 2010 pushbuttons and TRICOLOR (car), LCD TFT (car) and ICARO (landing) displays, represent the smartest and quickest solution for the replacement of existing pushbutton panels.

Elegance: new plates and components enhance the appearance of the lift as well as of the building where it is located.

Simplicity: thanks to the assembling system for plates and pushbuttons, the installation is carried out faultlessly.

Speed: the assembling system for plates and pushbuttons reduces time consuming activities when compared to traditional pushbuttons.



Elliptic-shaped landing and car pushbuttons. Newly designed pushbuttons with brushed grey elliptic-shape plate, can be supplied with raised symbol (in compliance with EN81-70) or Braille.


Car pushbutton panels

The fully redesigned pushbutton panels are also available with new LCD displays. Various models are available: full-height vertical module, vertical or horizontal plate, brushed stainless steel (standard finish), natural or “Gold” coloured polished.


Available finishes

Brushed stainless steel (standard)
Polished stainless steel
Gold coloured stainless steel



Various types of displays are available: segment-type, dot matrix type or liquid crystals (LCD). Icaro model can be installed both as car and landing indicator, while the D53, D55/1A, Tricolor and LCD TFT models are especially designed for cars.



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