Serial control panel


IGV Factory has developed a new serial control panel Eagle system. The system is based on the use of the latest generation microprocessor with a large memory capacity and many internal peripheral devices.

Logical tasks input procedure and the structure of the card are simplified, with the advantage that they have a single software for control of all the variable quantities which put the elevator into operation.

  • Multipurpose device and interface allow to manage all the IGV lifts – from elevators to vertical lifts.
  • The ideal solution for any reconstruction.
  • LAN for remote control via PC, smartphone and tablet with Apple, Android operating system support (requires internet connection).
  • Allows you to save time (and money) thanks to simplified installation phases:
    - Wiring in the shaft;
    - The configuration of the elevator;
    - Tests;
    - Search for breakdowns and malfunctions.

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