1. Guarantee

You get 3-year warranty on lifting equipment from the Italian manufacturer of IGV brand.

You can buy a lift in our company, and not worry about its improbable failure. We assume all responsibility for prompt malfunction repair.

2. An experience

We have a huge and successful experience in the respective market segments.

IGV lift sales are performed throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. Wherever your building is situated, we carefully and promptly will deliver the equipment to the site and install it at a high professional level.

We are a reliable IGV partner and we offer you not only to order and buy durable lifting equipment of impeccable quality with an attractive design and energy-saving technologies, but also enjoy the following benefits:

  • We will produce equipment as quickly as possible at the Italian factory, deliver and install it at any point of Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • We will provide timely high-quality guarantee and afterguarantee service.
  • We will promptly respond to any your call and solve emersed problems.
  • If you decide to buy a lift from us, you can forget about the frequent malfunctions. Due to the high qualification of our staff an elevator will run like a clockwork!

3. Payment

You can buy lifting equipment and pay in any convenient way.

A legal body who is a resident of the Russian Federation, acquiring lifting equipment in our company can deduct VAT on the basis of our invoice, because Reallift Company uses general taxation system. A legal body who is a non-resident of the Russian Federation can order the elevator by signing a direct contract with a resident of the European Union and make the payment in Euro. In this case Reallift LLC will become a guarantor for the implementation of the contract.

4. Professional installation.

The huge experience accumulated over the years of work allows us to perform the installation of elevator equipment qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.

It is not a secret that it is important not only to order lifting equipment of high quality but also install it in accordance with regulatory requirements. Our specialists have been trained and have extensive experience in the elevator installations.

5. Absence of intermediaries

Reallift dealer in the russian federation and the republic of kazakhstan

In our company you can order a lift at the lowest prices because there are no dealers between the customer and manufacturer!

REALLIFT supplies lifting equipment of IGV manufacturer proved Italian concern, guaranteeing comfort and safety of lift movement between the floors.

6. Customer-centricity

Here you will find a guaranteed careful attention to the customer requests!

Therefore, if you want to buy IGV elevator and equip a house or any other building with an attractive and comfortable lifting mechanism, we are pleased to offer you our services! Company Managers will answer any your questions before you decide to order the right equipment.

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