Lift equipment for intended use

Quality tested by time

The official Russian distributor of the world-famous IGV Group in Italy - Reallift company offers its customers to purchase lifting equipment of high quality at moderate prices. Reallift is not only involved in the delivery of the products, but also carries out all works connected to installation, commissioning and provision of services for the modernization and maintenance of lifting equipment.

Elevators produced by IGV are high-tech devices with a high level of reliability and quality. Such lifting equipment is manufactured according to the latest technology and has impeccable indicators of energy efficiency and load-carrying capacity.

The use of advanced engineering and technological solutions allowed IGV - a well-known Italian brand to use exclusively new, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials that do not harm human health.

Possessing maximum power, efficiency and reliability of use, IGV lifting equipment is represented by a magnificent design and fitting quality of materials with time-tested faultless characteristics.


Materials used

A wide range of lifts - a good assortment, carried out by Reallift innovative policy, which includes chrome, carbon and titanium models. As a result, lifting equipment assembly concept is like a "brass knuckle" of the entire production process which acquires a complete stylistic decoration and design. Each of the models has its own geometric updated shapes according to the latest technology.


IGV elevators

Reallift company, being the official distributor in the Russian Federation, represents IGV lifts with hydraulic and electric control system, the widest range of utility functions and the size range of the elevator cars. The exterior design of the Italian IGV lifts is able to satisfy any taste and preference of the customers, using the capabilities of a modular assembly system.

The stylish, original and fashionable design of the elevator does not exclude the possibility of its modeling, using materials from titanium, carbon and chrome range. With the help of these materials it is possible to reconstruct any finish and accessories, considering the customers wishes and preferences.

Reallift company realizes on the market the following types of elevators and lifting equipment:

The scope of IGV lifts, implemented by Reallift, is extensive. Such lifting devices can be installed in multifamily private housing, cottages, shopping and entertainment centers, townhouses, supermarkets, office buildings, shops, high-rise buildings, etc.


Features of IGV elevators

Elevator cars, designed by IGV Italian manufacturer, are endowed with an innovative success formula, which allows to have high load capacity, to be panoramic and comply with all general and safety standards. Such lifting equipment is an ideal solution for old systems upgrading.
Unlike other manufacturers of elevators and elevator equipment, IGV represents the following innovative features that are inherent in each model of the elevator:

  • modular assembly system;
  • safety panels for doors;
  • corner posts;
  • blocking system for installation;
  • adjustable floor for the car;
  • lightweight construction, therefore less energy is consumed;


Advantages of IGV lifts

The models of IGV lifts are endowed with the following advantages:

  • A wide range of finishes for elevators in different styles and designs;
  • Use of innovative ideas and pioneering approach by leading experts of IGV Italian concern;
  • Ability to install the elevator in a limited space;
  • Each IGV lift has a unique Italian design;
  • There are no two identical elevators;
  • Each IGV product has excellent safety, reliability, energy efficiency and long maintenance life.


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