Vehicle lifts and elevators

Increased load capacity with absolute reliability

Unlike freight elevators, during vertical riding by a vehicle elevator, the driver and passengers may stay inside their vehicle, since this device has absolute reliability in addition to its high carrying capacity


Scope of vehicle lifts and elevators

In Russia until recently, lifts for motor-cars only were used for various purposes, but lately the scope of such devices has expanded significantly. So, vehicle elevators are successfully used in warehouse complexes for lifting or lowering of vehicles with cargo, transporting of trolleys in hypermarkets, moving of loads on lift trucks, in motor showrooms or multi-level buildings when its not possible to drive onto the upper floors independently. Vehicle lifts and elevators for business class residential complexes have been actively purchased, in which underground parking is provided.


IGV equipment for vehicles

One of the activities of the Italian IGV Group is the development and manufacture of devices for the vertical movement of large and bulky cargoes, including cars. REALLIFT company, being an exclusive distributor, successfully implements on the Russian market technically perfect lifts and vehicle elevators. The products of the IGV concern are compact and absolutely reliable. They are easy to operate and maintain, as evidenced by the steady increase in sales.

The factory offers a wide range of elevator equipment for vehicles - from cost-effective lifts to elevators, intended for installation in exclusive motor showrooms or private homes. If the model that satisfies the technical parameters of the customer is absent in the assortment of products, then the engineering staff will, in a short time, develop the necessary technical documentation and deliver the order directly to the manufacture.



Since vehicle elevators are designed for transportation of motor-cars together with the driver, these devices are subject to increased security requirements. In particular, most of the designs have two exits and are equipped with an overhead emergency hatch. Despite the fact that the vehicles are transported with a muffled engine, there must be forced ventilation. Most doors operate in automatic mode, but for some lift types double-swing doors are allowed.

Elevator car is made of non-combustible materials, which ensures a high level of fire safety. The control panel is comfortably arranged a driver can independently control the elevator without leaving the motor -car.

The design of vehicle lifts and elevators is determined solely by the customer's wish. Upon request, an exclusive finish can be made according to an individual design.


Vehicle lifts and elevators from Reallift

Its not so easy to buy high-quality elevator equipment. Do not trust a ballyhoo of unfair producers. As practice shows, the elevator at best will prematurely fail, at worst it will cause human casualties.

Reallift company, being a distributor of one of the world's leading manufacturers of elevator equipment, guarantees the quality of both the products themselves and the installation and maintenance works. The constant availability of a wide range of spare parts in the warehouse makes it possible to minimize the time of forced outage in case of an accidental breakdown of the elevator.

To place an order for the purchase or manufacture of an elevator according to individual requirements specification can be done in just a few minutes: REALLIFT managers- consultants are always in touch!


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