Cottage elevators

Not luxury, but means of transportation!

The times when the elevator in a private house was perceived as a luxury, accessible only to the elite, have sunk into oblivion. Manufacturers of lifting equipment offer a wide range of cottage elevators, among which there is necessarily a model with the required parameters. Usually, the presence of an elevator is envisaged at the design stage, but if desired, installation in already constructed house is possible. Having examined the object, the specialists will suggest the optimal installation option, which requires a minimum amount of construction work.


Advantages of the elevator in a cottage

The main reason for installing the elevator in the cottage is to create maximum comfort, especially for family members with disabilities or older people. Even if everyone living in the house is full of strength and health, the elevator in the cottage is an indispensable device for lowering / lifting a baby carriage, bulky suitcases or large purchases.

The modern elevator is so perfect that it will fit perfectly into any interior style, and for installation it will take a minimum of usable area.

Many owners of country houses are afraid that the elevator will become a source of increased noise. In fact, the cottage lifts of IGV Group emit a sound not louder than the boiling kettle. Also there is no need to be afraid of being blocked in the car when a sudden power outage occurs: a modern hydraulic mechanism in the absence of power will softly lower the elevator to the first floor and open the doors.


How to buy the elevator for the cottage?

Usually 2-4 stop elevator is right for private houses and cottages. When selecting, you need to pay attention to three parameters:

  • Drive unit. It is possible to install a hoist with both electric and hydraulic drive. The second option is most preferable, since the hydraulic drive operates almost silently (due to the absence of the winch mechanism).
  • Carrying capacity and dimensions. Generally, the elevator in the cottage is used for lifting / lowering of 1-2 people plus possible transportation of goods. Usually the carrying capacity does not exceed 300 kg. The dimensions of the elevator car can vary within wide limits and are determined by the dimensions of the elevator shaft. At the customer request, elevator cars can be manufactured to individual sizes, while the price doesnt differ from the standard too much.
  • Finishing of the car. The most common material is polished steel (mirror or matte). The main advantages of such finish are high resistance to mechanical damage, decent aesthetic characteristics and attractive price. Also wood-like finishing (veneer sheet, laminated panels) is in a high demand, but this option is acceptable for houses with wooden-motif interior.

IGV Group takes one of the leading stands in the rating of European manufacturers of elevator equipment, and REALLIFT does its best making high-quality, stylish and reliable lifts available for Russians.



Being the official distributor of IGV Group (Italy), REALLIFT offers the best technical solutions for equipping cottages with vertical lifting mechanisms. No matter how complicated the requirements specification is, our specialists will develop several options for its implementation. IGV elevators have significant advantages:

  • large selection of carrying capacity and dimensions;
  • various interior solutions;
  • reliable and safe lifting mechanisms;
  • minimal terms of delivery and installation;
  • low noise and power consumption;
  • individual project support - from order to launch;
  • Warranty, post-warranty and service.


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