Elevators for restaurants

The best solution for food facilities of the restaurants, cafes and public catering establishments

Specialized light-duty lifts are in a consistently high demand in Russia. The main consumers of such lifts are public catering establishments, but adapted versions are successfully used in public nutrition units, educational or medical institutions, railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers.



Most public catering establishments occupy two, and sometimes three, floors. As a rule, the kitchens are located on the lower tiers. In such conditions, moving up and down stairs with ready dishes or used utensils is extremely difficult. In addition, according to the food regulations, transportation of the dish from the place of preparation to the client's table should be as short as possible according to time and distance. To solve such problem without the use of a lift for a restaurant is quite difficult. According to sanitary regulations, the moving paths of semi-finished products, ready meals and used utensils should not intersect; therefore, at large modern catering establishments, several restaurant elevators are installed, designed to move certain things.

Elevators for restaurants are equipped with electronic control system. High reliability of electronics makes it possible to minimize the eventual occurrence of extraordinary situations. In the overwhelming majority there is no safety catch in the design of restaurant elevators, however, at the request of the customer this option can be included in the individual project.

The carcass of the car is made of galvanized steel, and the car itself is made of stainless steel. Due to the high demands of industrial sanitation standards the walls of the car must be resistant to regular washes with special disinfectants


Order a Elevators for restaurant

Restaurant elevators are made to order, taking into account all customer requirements. Modern devices for the vertical movement of small loads are not inferior to freight and passenger elevators according to reliability.

The price for restaurant lifts depends on the cost of the basic model and the availability of additional options which greatly lighten the work of the restaurant kitchens, kindergartens, cafes or private cottages. Whatever the task, Reallift specialists will offer the best solution to the problem

In addition to the price, the commercial proposal includes an installation drawing of a restaurant or kitchen elevator, which indicates the dimensions of the shaft that are necessary for installation of the selected equipment. Employees of the engineering service accompany each project from the beginning till the launch. Cooperation is not limited to signing a certificate of Completion of the Works: Reallift offers favorable conditions for warranty and post-warranty service for lifts for restaurant.


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