Freight elevators

We can elevate everything!

Freight elevator, being a device for the vertical movement of various loads, has been widely adopted in industry (production, construction), warehouses, shopping centers, motor showrooms, etc. Recently, freight elevators have been installed even in residential buildings, where it helps to lift the furniture, building materials and other oversized bulky loads.

Freight elevators are used widely due to their high reliability, ease of maintenance, operability and affordable price.



Depending on the carrying capacity, the elevators are divided into several types:

  • large freight elevators (installed in production workshops, warehouses, shopping centers, etc.);
  • small freight elevators (libraries, archives, restaurants, shops, etc.);
  • freight hoists (vehicle, shaft or parking type).


How to choose a freight lift

Manufacturers of lifting equipment offer a variety of options for the vertical movement of goods - from simple elevators to comfortable cargo-passenger models. The determining factors and parameters for selecting a freight elevator are:

  • carrying capacity;
  • the height of hoisting;
  • overall dimensions of the car or platform;
  • operating conditions (indoor or outdoor);
  • number of stops;
  • intensity of work (timetable, rate of material flow, etc.)

It is not easy to choose the right freight elevator. It is necessary to make not only technical, but also economic calculations in order to justify the invested funds fully. Reallift company specializes in the sale, installation and maintenance of IGV freight elevators and hoists. Know-how makes it possible to propose an optimal variant of freight lift installing for solution of the tasks set.

Reallift company is the official distributor of IGV, specializing in the production of lifting equipment since 1966. The advantages of cooperation with us are obvious and undeniable:

  • absolute reliability of the supplied equipment;
  • European quality standards;
  • ready-made technical solutions for the implementation of typical tasks;
  • the possibility of freight elevator manufacturing by individual order;
  • high level of service;
  • reasonable pricing policy;
  • warranty and post warranty service;
  • original spare parts;
  • compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations.
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