Panoramic lift equipment

Reallift company presents in the Russian market panoramic elevator equipment of IGV Italian factory. Innovative technologies, stylish design and a full maintenance cycle are the main principles of the company's work. Even a single glance at this type of elevators allows you to note their aesthetic and technical perfection. Depending on the technical features of the building, the panoramic elevator can have different carrying capacity, dimensions and speed.

Panoramic elevators can be installed both in hotels and shopping and entertainment centers, and in residential buildings. There are variants of external and internal performance. To achieve maximum visibility in the panoramic elevator glass panels from floor to ceiling are used. Transparent car is placed in a special metal frame, to which all mechanical equipment is fastened. The open design allows passengers to enjoy the surrounding view, which makes the riding the elevator even more pleasant. Panoramic elevators make a small trip out of the movement.


Features of panoramic elevators

Panoramic lifts are installed in the following buildings:

  • restaurants, hotels - allow visitors to admire the building or the surrounding area (in case of installation outside the building);
  • office, shopping and business centers enhance the prestige of the building and lead to increased sales.

Panoramic elevators provide great opportunities for design solutions: the car, made entirely of glass or in a combined version, fits perfectly into the overall design; a huge space for the lighting decoration of the building appears.


Advantages of panoramic elevators

Elevators with panoramic view - is not only a means of transportation between the floors, but the main element of the design solution. In a hotel, country house, commercial or business center, a panoramic elevator is designed to complement the architecture of the building, making it modern and elegant. In addition, the advantages of such elevators include:

  • Turning an ordinary riding into entertainment;
  • Possibility of maximum field of vision;
  • Reduced discomfort, no sense of limited space.

Buildings equipped with such lifting equipment, increase their status in the customers opinion. Panoramic elevators are a kind of new marketing technology. They lead to an increase in the flow of visitors and, as a result, to the growth of sales.


Why is it profitable to buy a lift from us?

You can buy a panoramic elevator in Reallift company. Such equipment is distinguished by its reliability, multifunctionality and silent running. With us, its possible not only to order the elevator directly from the manufacturer, but also get the following benefits:

  • You receive a 3-year warranty on the equipment purchased from IGV -Italian manufacturer.
  • We will provide high-quality warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Our specialists will take care of all the work in case of any malfunctions, eliminating them in the shortest possible time.

Thus, Reallift company implements not only the installation of panoramic lifting equipment, but also the equipment delivery to the facility, warranty and post-warranty service. It is very easy to order elevator equipment with a panoramic view you can call us and we will deliver it to any place in Russia. This will be an important feature in the interior of your building, increasing its prestige and thereby becoming a profitable investment in your business!


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