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Comfort and safety

We cannot imagine high storey buildings without an elevator. Going upstairs is difficult even for absolutely healthy people, and considering the creation of a barrier-free environment, the installation of passenger elevators is actively practiced even in 2-3 storey buildings.

General information

A passenger lift is a car driven by an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive. Modern elevators can move up to 30 people, while the lifting speed reaches 4 m / s for conventional models and 18 m / s for high-speed lifts. The most common are electric drive lifts, since the hydraulic drive has significant restrictions on the hoisting height.

It’s optimal to install a lift into a house or institution where the shaft has been envisaged at the design stage, is optimal, but recently there has been an increase in the demands for the installation of passenger elevators in reconstructed buildings. The absence of an elevator shaft is not a reason to decline the wish to purchase an elevator: thanks to the original technical solutions, it is possible to install a passenger elevator even outside the building in a metal frame.

Depending on the exterior view and comfort level, passenger lifts are divided into several classes:

  • economy class (apartment buildings, government offices);
  • business class (large corporations, business centers, shopping and entertainment complexes);
  • elite (elite residential buildings).

Regardless of the class, all elevators are equally reliable and differ only in interior finishing and the presence of additional options. Budget models are often produced in anti-vandal design, business and elite ones - in panoramic version.


IGV passenger elevators - quality and reliability standard

Reallift offers passenger elevators made by IGV Group (Italy), specializing in the production of lifting mechanisms for various purposes. Thanks to the original technical solutions and application of modern technologies, IGV elevators are distinguished by excellent design, high comfort and reliability.

The range of IGV passenger lifts has dozens of models differing in their carrying capacity, dimensions, speed, design, drive, car decoration (with one-sided or dual entrances). A large assortment will allow you to quickly choose the right option for both an ordinary multi-storey building and an elite shopping center.

IGV specialists pay special attention to safety: in the history of the Group’s existence, not a single case of injuries has been recorded. Elevators are perfect from technical point of view: all lifting devices are characterized by minimal noise level, low energy consumption and smooth riding.

На наш взгляд, высококачественное лифтовое оборудование может выпускаться лишь тогда, когда компоненты лифта оптимально согласуются между собой. Это является предпосылкой к комфорту для пассажира и экономичности установки на период эксплуатации. В рамках концепций итальянского завода IGV, качество и срок службы составных частей, отвечает высочайшему уровню.


Purchase and installation of a passenger elevator

In order to buy a passenger lift manufactured by IGV, you must provide the following information:

  • carrying capacity;;
  • lifting height;
  • overall dimensions of the shaft;
  • presence of engine room (upper, lower);
  • requirements for design (indoor or panoramic).

The employees of REALLIFT engineering service will select the option that is most suitable for the customer's request, and if necessary, place an order for manufacturing according to individual parameters. Close cooperation with the company headquarter and competent logistics are the guarantee of the minimal delivery time.

You can purchase a passenger elevator, clarify the technical features, find out the terms of delivery and the cost of installation either by phone or through a feedback form.


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