Elevators for low-rise buildings:

DOMUSLIFT - popular line of different sizes (from XS to XL)
SUPERDOMUS  - embodiment of luxury and technological state of the art

We also present elaboration variety and special solutions possibilities.
Reallift Company will supply and carry out installation works of lifting equipment to the highest standard at your facilities.


The leader in sales of italian IGV factory

Domuslift was created specifically for installation in private houses, cottages, villas, penthouses. Thanks to the efforts of the Italian engineers Domuslift is manufactured in a variety of sizes and designs, it can be installed both in a house being under construction and in a ready-made, without affecting the interior design. The main advantages of this model (besides the price) - the minimum preparatory works, a shallow areaway (the minimum required 55-150mm), or its absence, which is often a decisive factor in the elevator selection for home. Other compelling arguments in favor of choosing exactly this model - low power consumption and quiet operation.

Moreover, it helps to remember unbeatable Italian design of Domuslift range, which is combined with any interior of the house.

Another competitive advantage of Domuslift model - absolute safety. It`s inessential whether you choose the elevator with hinged doors or automatic ones. In any case it will be possible to use it safely. Even during a power outage "Domuslift" goes down to the ground floor, and you will be able to leave the cabin.

Domuslift can be supplied with metal framed shaft and with panoramic windows. However, there is a possibility to install an elevator in any other shaft you prepared.
Most of the units for lift installation are unique. Some facilities may not have enough space for the installation of an elevator with a standard size range, in the other facilities on the contrary, existing extra space should be necessarily filled or capacity to be increased. Taking into account the diverse requests of potential customers, IGV engineers have developed the following models based on Domuslift range:

    - A model for installation in tight spaces
    - A model for small spaces
    - A model with oversized car and an increased lifting capacity

DomusLift XS

Compact elevator - an important factor for proper arrangement of the building living space. For small cottages IGV Company released a special Domuslift XS lift range.

This model differs from a standard "Domuslift" model in more compact sizes and possibility to be mounted even in the narrowest openings (minimum external dimensions of the metal frame - 680x810mm), where no other lift can be installed. IGV Company has developed numerous cost-effective solutions for this elevator: it can be fulfilled with a metal shaft and panoramic windows. It is also possible to install the lift in any other shaft you prepared. Domuslift XS is endowed with many options for elaboration like in older models; its main advantage - an incredible compactness.

It is very important that the Reallift Company is specialized in supplies of lift equipment to the Russian Federation, produced exclusively by the Italian IGV.
We do not supply the elevators produced at the other factories. Thanks to it our staff have a perfect understanding of IGV product range and are ready to provide high quality consulting services in the selection of a particular model in full compliance with all requirements of the customer.
Addressing to the Reallift Company you will get guaranteed and exhaustive information on any matter relating to the production of IGV lifting equipment

DomusLift S

New quality of life with an elevator, the car size of which - 580?550 mm! Now it is possible! Even if you do not have a lot of space, movement of the lift can be made extremely convenient for each family member. Seniors, disabled people, young children can move inside the high-rise mansion, cottage, shop all by themselves and without risk. The Italian company IGV made sure the DomusLift S (Small) to be safe, stylish, glide and equipped up-to-date.

Model key benefits:

  • elegance
  • different elaboration options according to customer`s choice
  • possibility to choose and order the necessary options
  • operation from usual power supply; power consumption comparable to the consumption of a small household device

DomusLift XL

Domuslift XL - upgraded elevator in the Domuslift range. By ordering this model, you buy a lift with a spacious car, increased speed of movement and lifting capacity. Domuslift XL elevator is suitable for use not only in country houses and cottages, but also for installation in business centers, shops and any other building. Like any other device of IGV factory, Domuslift XL is equipped with all necessary security options, which contributes to a comfortable and quiet movement. Domuslift XL can be performed both with hinged and automatic doors. You can update automatic doors with a transparent break-resistant glass, which, coupled with a panoramic shaft will make an elevator fully transparent.
Note that the DomusLift XL model can be performed with an exclusive car elaboration.
As IGV distributors we are ready to deliver our customers the DomusLift model of any configuration.


Villas, townhouses, cottages - realias of these days. Modern buildings require high-tech devices that provide a high-level comfort in a private house.
Our Company is proud to present to your attention a flagship of the Italian IGV Factory. Superdomus - the embodiment of luxury and technical excellence. Superdomus is an elevator, which can combine all your ideas on how to choose an elevator for your property.

By the words power, speed, design, reliability you can assess the superdomus elevator.

When designing this model on IGV factory, the Italian engineers gave priority to safety, dynamic performance, as well as an increased lift capacity. That`s why thanks to the impressive speed of 0.63 m / s "Superdomus" will be able to quickly and comfortably take you to the top floor. Available loading capacity of 630 kg makes it possible to simultaneously movement of the lift even with 7 people.

Thanks to a wide range of options for interior decoration the Superdomus cabs easily complement and accentuate the interior of an existing apartment and will fit into future building project.

In addition, you can choose a model with metal framed shaft and panoramic windows while automatic doors with break-resistant glass will make the appearance completely finished. Metal frame can be carried out of genuine polished, mirror steel or be painted in any color according to RAL chart. It is also possible to install an elevator in any other shaft you prepared.


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