Additional options

Elevator accessories for your comfort

Accessories for lifts by IGV Group broaden the DomusLift offer with specific optional features, divided by categories and conceived in order to meet the most challenging customers needs.

LED lighting in the door frame, car customisation with state-of-the-art printing technologies, air conditioning and touchscreen are just a few of the available range of accessories for DomusLift lifts.

Safety and functionalities without compromises on comfort and a wide range of accessories making this small lift for home and outdoors a stylish and smart addition to your space.


Line and style

LED lighting system embedded in the frame
(only for automatic doors)

Retractable door closer

Endless car customisation options, thanks to the new printing technology on whatever material


Comfort and features



Enabling key

Air conditioning system

Automatic swing door opening

Voice synthesiser when stopping at a landing

Fully operational remote control



Touch screen device with home automation interface

Digital frame

Interactive virtual window



Phone alarm device or security intercom

Full-height infra-red barriers
(only for automatic doors)

Flat handrail
Available in polished natural or golden anodised aluminium

Rounded handrail
Available in satin, polished or gold stainless steel

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