DomusLift XL Extra-Large

Thanks to the car maximum dimensions up to 1200 x 1500 mm, the XL series offers plenty of space and high rated load.

Also available with all-glass panels, guide rails wall excluded, up to three adjacent entrances.

Domuslift XL upgraded elevator in the Domuslift range. By ordering this model, you buy a lift with a spacious car, increased speed of movement and lifting capacity. Domuslift XL elevator is suitable for use not only in country houses and cottages, but also for installation in business centers, shops and any other building. Like any other device of IGV factory, Domuslift XL is equipped with all necessary security options, which contributes to a comfortable and quiet movement. Domuslift XL can be performed both with hinged and automatic doors. You can update automatic doors with a transparent break-resistant glass, which, coupled with a panoramic shaft will make an elevator fully transparent.

Note that the DomusLift XL model can be performed with an exclusive car elaboration.
As IGV distributors we are ready to deliver our customers the DomusLift model of any configuration.


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