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DomusLift was created specifically for installation in private houses, cottages, villas, penthouses. Thanks to the efforts of the Italian engineers DomusLift is manufactured in a variety of sizes and designs, it can be installed both in a house being under construction and in a ready-made, without affecting the interior design. The main advantages of this model (besides the price) the minimum preparatory works, a shallow areaway (the minimum required 55-150mm), or its absence, which is often a decisive factor in the elevator selection for home. Other compelling arguments in favor of choosing exactly this model low power consumption and quiet operation.

Moreover, it helps to remember unbeatable Italian design of DomusLift range, which is combined with any interior of the house.
Another competitive advantage of DomusLift model absolute safety. Its inessential whether you choose the elevator with hinged doors or automatic ones. In any case it will be possible to use it safely. Even during a power outage DomusLift goes down to the ground floor, and you will be able to leave the cabin.

DomusLift can be supplied with metal framed shaft and with panoramic windows. However, there is a possibility to install an elevator in any other shaft you prepared.
Most of the units for lift installation are unique. Some facilities may not have enough space for the installation of an elevator with a standard size range, in the other facilities on the contrary, existing extra space should be necessarily filled or capacity to be increased. Taking into account the diverse requests of potential customers, IGV engineers have developed the following models based on DomusLift range:


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