By the words power, speed, design, reliability you can assess the superdomus elevator.

Villas, townhouses, cottages - realias of these days. Modern buildings require high-tech devices that provide a high-level comfort in a private house.
Our Company is proud to present to your attention a flagship of the Italian IGV Factory. Superdomus - the embodiment of luxury and technical excellence. Superdomus is an elevator, which can combine all your ideas on how to choose an elevator for your property.

When designing this model on IGV factory, the Italian engineers gave priority to safety, dynamic performance, as well as an increased lift capacity. That`s why thanks to the impressive speed of 0.63 m / s "Superdomus" will be able to quickly and comfortably take you to the top floor. Available loading capacity of 630 kg makes it possible to simultaneously movement of the lift even with 7 people.

Thanks to a wide range of options for interior decoration the Superdomus cabs easily complement and accentuate the interior of an existing apartment and will fit into future building project.

In addition, you can choose a model with metal framed shaft and panoramic windows while automatic doors with break-resistant glass will make the appearance completely finished. Metal frame can be carried out of genuine polished, mirror steel or be painted in any color according to RAL chart. It is also possible to install an elevator in any other shaft you prepared.


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