MRL hydraulic lift with machinery in a cabinet.

The Idrofit model machinery (power unit, controller, main and light switches) is contained in its relevant cabinet. The lift complies with EN81-2:1998 harmonised standards.



The machinery occupies 0.5 m2 (width 950 mm, depth 550 mm), compared to about 3 m2 required by a traditional machine room. All the components such as the main and light switches, thermostat detecting the temperature of the area and lamps, are now placed inside a 2 m high cabinet (minimum height required for maintenance operations). Power unit and controller are very compact, making installation, maintenance operations and emergency rescue easier.

Cabinet dimensions are the same, regardless of the machine features (load, speed, number of floors): it can be installed close to the shaft up to 15?20 metres from the lift (depending on the hydraulic piping run). If the shaft is not fire protected, or special fire-fighting features are not required, the cabinet can be located partially or totally inside the shaft wall, thus reducing the depth required.

Certified models cover the most flexible range of products on the market in terms of capacity, machinery size and finishes, landing and car door size and type.



When the cabinet is open, with a specific key, the space necessary for maintenance and rescue operations is indicated. The maintenance operations of the machinery do not require to access the shaft, differently from lifts with the machinery unit in the pit.


Technical features

Type of drive Rated load
max (kg)
max (m)
min (mm)
min (mm)
Rated speed
max (m/s)
Hydraulic Up to 2000 Up to 21.5 According to load According to car height 0,63 Up to 9


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System features:

  • Model: IDROFIT hydraulic machine-roomless (complying with EN81-2 harmonised standards)
  • Lift: for persons
  • Standards for disabled: none (optional with MOX)
  • Suspension: Reverse roping (2:1), Direct lateral
  • One-piece ram (2 pieces option)
  • Voltage: Three-phase 400 V power supply (optional 415 V)
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Load 630 kg max.
  • Speed 0.63 m/s max.
  • Stops 7 max.
  • Car entrances: 1 (optional 2 opposite)
  • Operation A.P.B.
  • Alarm device MOX
  • Overload device: pressure gauge
  • Maintenance control panel: standard IGV
  • Brick shaft or structure
  • Standard electric cables (optional pre-wired)
  • With emergency return to landing (optional with door opening)
  • Design always included


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