Upgrade Solutions

Upgrade activities are the most complex procedures in the lift sector, as they require robust technical expertise, detailed knowledge of standards and full commitment, besides high aesthetical sensitivity so as to provide an outstanding final result. The IGV technical team is a group of skilled professionals providing an extremely high quality technical design service for the upgrade solution. IGV supports and orientates the customer in each step of the upgrade process in order to always provide the ideal solution.

This is a process developed through severity, versatility and accuracy, aiming at excellence in a variety of interpretations, using the extraordinary quality IGV materials and solutions:

  • AF SLIM traction car sling with reduced dimensions;
  • Aptus automatic doors, also available with 50mm sill;
  • Flexa cars, the ideal solution for existing buildings, which can be installed from inside;
  • SuperFlat pushbutton panels;
  • Connie rescue two-directional system;
  • Electrical panels and cables;
  • Rams and hydraulic power units.

Our flexible approach guarantees an excellent final result: a modern and safe system complying with standards in force.


SuperFlat pushbutton panel


Lift cars

Door systems

Eagle 2.0 serial control panel

AF Slim car sling

Hydraulic rams

Hydraulic units


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