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Lifts from Italy: modernity, high quality, beauty, reliability

Reallift Company is the official distributor of Italian IGV factory producing world-renowned lifting equipment. Along with cottage elevators on the Russian market it represents special purpose lifts: for hospitals, emergency departments, health centers; cargo elevators, panoramic elevators, lifts for hotels, shopping malls and entertainment centers. We present a large variety of the different elevators, which are created for the special and unique projects. All the lifts are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and dependability.

  • Freight elevators
  • Lifts for stretchers
  • Vehicle elevators
  • Panoramic equipment
  • Individualized equipment

Freight elevators

Freight elevators are by nature of simple robust cars with different capacity: from 500 kilograms to 10 tonnes. To enhance the safety factor freight elevators are equipped with electronic barriers. A car of the elevator is washable, has forced ventilation. It can be coated with food-grade steel. Elevators are operated by a piston method, movement speed is low.

Lifts for stretchers

There are several models with different drive options. The lift is a nature of a deep comfortable car, where, in addition to stretchers attendant and even a small medical team can find room. The car can be designed with mirrors which visually expand the space or with stainless steel. Load capacity of the lifts for stretchers varies from 1 250 to 1 600 kilograms. These elevators move with a fairly high speed up to 1 meter per second.

Vehicle elevators

These elevators are often used in the multi-level car parks, ferries, loading points. They are nature of spacious car, equipped with high-strength materials. The car is provided with open-type doors. Weight capacity 8 tons. Remote control is possible. Operates on direct or lateral extension-type forcers. The speed 0.2-0.3 m / s.

Panoramic equipment

These lifts are often used outside the buildings, elevator shafts are often built into the outer wall. Both shaft and an elevator are made of high-strength glass and steel, even the floor can be transparent. Beautiful, high-tech elevators are a part of the architectural design and in the addition to the basic function, they also perform a decorative one. Illumination of such lifts is also an original technical solution. The capacity of panoramic elevators depends on car size and drive type, the speed 0.2 to 1.0 m/s.

Individualized equipment

Here we can reveal unique various projects round, square, hexagonal, glass, chromized elevators that fit perfectly into the design of entrance halls and interior spaces of public buildings, shops, cultural and shopping centers, museums, libraries. Each of these lifts is created on the ready-made basis, but its a unique decision related to the internal architecture of the building.

It is very important that the Reallift Company is specialized in supplies of elevator equipment to the Russian Federation, produced exclusively by the Italian IGV.

We do not supply the elevators produced at the other factories. Thanks to it our staff have a perfect understanding of IGV product range and are ready to provide high quality consulting services in the selection of a particular model in full compliance with all requirements of the customer.

Addressing to the Reallift Company you will get guaranteed and exhaustive information on any matter relating to the production of IGV lifting equipment.

Reallift Company is doing its best in order the world-famous Italian IGV lifting equipment to be available in Russia! If you want to have a stylish, high-quality and reliable lift from IGV please contact the professionals. General distributor of IGV factory in Russia- REALLIFT Company is always ready to help you in this matter.

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