Lifting equipment cost calculation

If you contact us, you can expect affordable prices for high-tech elevator equipment manufactured in Italy. "Reallift" company is the official distributor of the world-famous Italian IGV factory in Russia and Kazakhstan, therefore the price of the products does not include dealers’ extra charge.

For more detailed information on necessary lifting equipment and its cost, please answer a few questions, as shown below. Our experts will promptly calculate the cost and provide comprehensive and reliable information on any issues related to IGV elevator equipment (Italy).

The price of IGV elevator equipment depends on the following criteria:

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You can specify your requirements in accordance with all listed parameters, and our specialists will make operative and accurate calculation of elevator equipment. A technical specialist in lift installations will visit the facility to carry out the measurements.

When calculating the cost of equipment the following criteria are taken into account:

— customer requirements;

— baseline conditions (availability of equipped area for installation, building readiness, technical specifications of the installation site, etc.);

— purposes for which lifting equipment is necessary (moving of freight, passengers or complex exploitation);

— necessary level of load capacity and other information.

«Reallift» managers will calculate the cost of lifting equipment and prepare a commercial proposal for you as soon as possible.


Cost calculation for the freight elevator

The price of the freight lifting equipment, in the first place, depends on the carrying capacity (from 300 kg to 5000 kg), can be installed in any manufacturing company, as well as a high-rise building. Freight elevators with a carrying capacity of 50 kg to 300 kg are able to effectively perform tasks in the vertical movement of both light and overall cargo during construction and production work.


Cost calculation for the passenger lift

The calculation of the cost for passenger elevator involves the consideration of a number of determining factors, including the type of drive device, the required level of carrying capacity, the number of possible stops, the features of the elevator shaft, the type of the elevator car, etc.

If necessary, the customer can make changes to the developed elevator design. For example, a standard passenger elevator has a significant difference from a panoramic elevator in terms of passenger movement, and therefore the price of such elevators will vary.


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